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Why Moms Want To Become Wine Guides For Traveling Vineyard

While being a mother is basically a full-time job and then some it, unfortunately, isn’t a paid position. Many families need to bring in additional money which can be difficult to do for someone that needs to be home-based. One company that many stay at home moms are turning to is Traveling Vineyard which offers an opportunity to run a primarily home-based business on their own terms and schedules.

One of the big advantages of Traveling Vineyards is that it offers moms a way to build a business that can be operated out of their own home. When they do work outside of their home it is to serve as host in their client’s homes for wine tasting events. They can schedule these events, along with their clients, in the hours that work for them to be out of their homes. It also gives them an opportunity to socialize with others of their own age while having fun and trying out the fantastic wines that Traveling Vineyard supplies.

Even moms that currently work outside of the home are turning to Traveling Vineyard. They can quit wasting endless time commuting back and forth to an inflexible job and primarily making money for somebody else. It’s also great for those who hate engaging in petty office politics.

In order to become a wine guide for Traveling Vineyard these moms purchase what is called a Success Kit. The Success Kit, which costs $99, includes everything that the aspiring wine guide needs in order to launch her own home-based small business. Inside are all of the marketing materials they need as well as wine supplies like tasting glasses. It also includes instructional material which provides much of the information a wine guide needs to know.

When hosting an event a wine guide encouraged to make the event fun and informal. The client and her guests can try out the Traveling Vineyard wines while comparing and contrasting them. Once they’ve picked out their favorites they are able to order the wines they want for delivery through the wine guide. The wine guide gets a cut of each sale which is how they make their money.

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