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Who is David Osio?

David Osio is an accomplished professional in the financial service industry. He has an impressive educational resume that includes a law degree with honors from Universidad Católica Andrés Bello in Venezuela. He furthered his education by obtaining academic degrees and merits from the New York Financial Institute from Instituto de Estudios Superiores Administrativos.


Despite having held a number of prestigious positions in the field over the years, David Osio is most well-known for his work with the Davos Financial Group where he serves as Chief Executive Officer (CEO). The Davos Financial group consists of numerous independent companies that provide financial advisement services and asset management to their clientele.


Recently, one of the companies involved in the Davos Financial Group, Davos Real Estate Group, announced the highly anticipated release of their new mobile application. The program is called DAVOS CAP Calculator and it[s purpose is to help real estate investors to get a more accurate idea of the income potential and return on their real estate investment prior to taking action. Essentially the application helps the user by giving them an educated estimate of their gain once the associated expenses have been spoken for and accommodated.


The application program was developed with collaborative help from a company called Teknolution and has been launched successfully for use on both Android and Apple based devices.


When asked why this program came to be, David Osio says that they had “seen the need to develop a mobile application that allows us to assist in financially guiding our clients when investing in real estate in the United States.”


The application has many beneficial features, including a mortgage calculator that will give the user the ability to see an estimate of the mortgage on a property based on information from specific banks, loan periods and interest rates.


The Davos Real Estate Group has been going through a number of expansions and has recently increased its number of employed agents by more than 60% which has been instrumental to the 75% increase in their company sales during the first half of the 2016 year. The company is also working on a variety of new projects that will allow them to develop working relationships with real estate agents in other countries, including various parts of Europe – further expanding the outreach of the business services.