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What Made Sahm Adrangi Quit His Job at Wallstreet

Sahm Adrangi is a founder and Chief Investment Officer at Kerrisdale Capital Management. He has been involved in the company’s development since establishment. In the year 2009. Sahm started out with a capital less than one million. Currently, the entity manages over hundreds of millions as shown in the 2017 financial report.

Adrangi is widely known for selling of published thesis materials and different shorts during his career. Transparent to the public about the stock market on the valuation of shorts that he felt were overhyped as compared to the listings. Sahm Adrangi advises customers on shorts in the market that are regularly misunderstood. His mission is the sensitization of investors publicly.

Kerrisdale Capital Management has held various discussions on misconceptions some companies have on business prospects. Often, much of these reports get published on the organization’s website and its partner including 3rd party websites. At times Such information is made available to clients on company’s Twitter Feeds.

Sahm Adrangi is a graduate of Penn State University in Pennsylvania. Sahm worked this way up and landed an internship in New York at Merrill Lynch where he spent three years trading on stock bonds. Later on, he sharpened his skills and knowledge at Longacre Institution where he took a class about credit trading to test the dealings with hedge funds and how to control and manage the revenue collected.

Sahm Adrangi worked with Paulson and co. Credit Team after the short contract with Longacre. During this time, he gained insight on the management and trading of complex securities. After working with the firm, he got a job at Bowery Investment Management, a limited liability company which needed his skills and expertise.

Sahm in 2015 made a life-changing decision that no one anticipated when he quit his job. The main reason behind making this move was to end his long working hours on wall street. According to Sahm, stock trading is evolving since he became a witness to the assault on the once lucrative industry. Sahm Adrangi still loves investing and doesn’t shy away from talking about the current trends on wall street.

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