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Wealth Solutions Inc., on Financial Advise

There are two avenues for the affluent investor to follow for investing advice. The first is the most common; the investor goes to an investment bank, meets with an agent, discusses his plan for the future and how he wants his money invested. The agent then begins a relationship that can last for decades or generations. The agent receives commissions from the acquisition of stocks, and when the client wants to sell a holding, then the agent again receives a commission. The second way is for the investor to seek the advice of a CFA, chartered financial analyst. This person advises the investor for a fee and endeavors to educate the person in the process of obtaining financial freedom. The CFA may recommend any of a myriad of investment strategies depending on the age, work status, or the orientation of the investor. The CFA does not receive a commission but is paid a fee for advice given.

Wealth Solutions, Inc., falls into the second category. They are located in Bee Cave, Texas and offer their services to affluent individuals, families, and small business owners in Houston, Austin, and surrounding areas. Richard Blair is the founder, and he has the necessary certifications to operate in this highly regulated industry. Blair’s parents were both teachers, and he feels that education is vital for all investors. His approach is certainly respected in an area where the average person has no real understanding of the nuances of investing. Blair seems determined to advise his clients so that they may make the correct decisions regarding their financial lives.

Blair, recently, tackled the popular strategy of renting out an entire home for a short period of time to gain income. Professional golfers who travel with their caddies, coaches, wives and girlfriends need a large comfortable home for the week of the tournament. In this case, a residential home on or near the golf course where the tournament is being played is an optimum choice for both the player and the home owner who by renting the house can, now, afford a luxurious vacation from the funds gained from the short term rental. But in the Wealth Solutions blog, Blair points out the disadvantages and advises how to correctly and comfortably handle the situation.

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