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U.S. Money Reserve Rides A Wave Of Publicity

U.S. Money Reserve is a company that is hard not too notice. U.S. Money Reserve is a distributor of precious metals for investment and collectible purposes. Gold and gold coins are what the company specializes in. For a company of this nature to draw such incredible attention to itself is rare. Yes, gold investing is significantly popular these days. Such popularity has aided U.S. Money Reserve in getting a bit of the proverbial spotlight. Garnering accolades and attention in the media has helped the company get its name — already a major name — out there even more.

The recent good fortune of the company at a media awards event definitely helped. “Good fortune” may not be the right term to use here. Fortune would indicate luck. Luck is not the main factor when winning awards. Exceptional talent is. Such exceptional talent was on display in a series of promotional videos produced by the company.

At a prestigious awards event for videographers, U.S. Money Reserve walked away with four awards for “creative work“. Creativity is not common among financial or investment-oriented promotional videos. The information presented by companies crafting such promotional is usually done in a dry way. U.S. Money Reserve’s team definitely broke away from the dull approach and created something new and special material.

The management of U.S. Money Reserve has also worked very hard at drawing attention to the company via appearances and contributions to the media. President Philip N. Diehl has appeared on CNBC and the EPN podcast network. In doing so he not only discussed very important matters related to the investment world and precious metals, he got the name of his company out there even more. U.S. Money Reserve and its customers benefit from this.

The CEO of the company, Angie Koch, has joined The Huffington Post as a blogger. Angie Koch has led a successful and interesting life. Her career is one achievement after the other. She will bring a lot of experience and introspection to here writings, writings that will focus on scores of different topics.

U.S. Money Reserve gains all this publicity at around the same time the company launches an incredible new e-commerce site. This comes at a time when interest in the gold market is quite high. At the same time, other industries such as oil may not be doing as well as expected. Perhaps now really is the perfect time for U.S. Money Reserve to thrive.