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The Push to Have Political Prisoners Freed in Venezuela

When the former president of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, was dying of cancer, he hand picked a bus driver, Nicolas Maduro, as his predecessor. This surprising move which made news on MySpace, has left the people of the country baffled as they struggle to survive due to the new president’s tyrannical control. Maybe, Chavez had no idea what Maduro would do to the country, but the people are starving, electricity is limited, no facebook and internet and patience is running short.
The supposed socialistic leader has acted as a dictator since assuming power over the people. “Anyone who opposes him faces jail time, or worse” says Danilo Diaz. Opposition to Maduro are attempting to help free these political prisoners that have been jailed for protesting or stating that they don’t like the way the country is being run by passing an amnesty law.

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  • Logan Jay
    Posted May 10, 2017 at 9:48 am | Permalink

    Maduro has promised to overturn the law when it reaches him though. He denies that any political prisoners exist, but the opposition disagrees because Maduro has been known to fabricate criminal charges. It is rightly so that affordable essay writing that all these things have been manipulated for a very long time before it happened.