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The OSI Group Grows Their Business Portfolio

If you’ve been following business news, especially news in the food industry, you may have heard that the OSI Group, a privately held food supplier, has recently acquired Flagship Europe Ltd. The acquisition will significantly add to OSI’s already robust business portfolio. If you’re not already familiar with the company’s backstory, OSI has been in operation for over a century; founded in 1909, they rose to prominence largely due to their business relationship with McDonald’s, who by the way, is still one of their top clients. Today, the company has broadened their client list to include celebrated restaurants like Papa John’s and Subway, and although they are based in Illinois, OSI services customers in more 16 different countries.

So, what does the Flagship Europe Ltd acquisition mean for the OSI Group? Well, as previously stated the move will add to the company’s business portfolio; currently, OSI’s product line consists of beef and poultry products as well as fish, vegetables, and fruits. By acquiring Flagship Europe Ltd, OSI will be able to extend their product offerings to include items commonly associated with the European food supplier including dressings, pies, sauces, and much more. OSI’s move into the European market is not surprising for those who are familiar with the company; the OSI Group has built a reputation on out of the box thinking, business scaling, and customer satisfaction. To know more about the firm click here.

Some of the OSI Group’s crowning achievements include being named premier food supplier of the Beijing Olympics, in 2008; also, they were named one of America’s largest privately held companies by American business magazine Forbes. In another impressive move, OSI, not too long ago, purchased the 200,000-square-foot facility once owned by Tyson Foods. The $7.4 million-dollar purchase was reportedly a move to deliver unparalleled customer satisfaction to their customers. The large facility not only improves the company’s output of products but also accommodates state of the art equipment, which aids them in delivering the highest quality products possible to their customers.

So, what’s next for the company, voted one of the largest privately held companies in America? They will most likely continue to seek ways to scale their business; in fact, the OSI Group has already announced plans to broadened their breakfast offerings, and they are also looking into possibly adding new dough-based items to their line up, which is presumably aimed at Papa John’s. That being said, the OSI Group will continue to do the things that have made them one of the most successful food suppliers in the country.