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The Bridge to Fill the Gap

Why would anyone want to pay full price for services when they can get a discounted rate? In order to assist individuals seeking ways to save a dollar, Billy McFarland, a young entrepreneur who’s just 23 years old, has devised a company and an idea known as Magnises.

Magnises is it interesting metal card that can be used to give discounts to anyone who belongs to the program. This card can be used to get discounts at restaurants, bars, clubs, private concerts and luxurious getaways.

The way that the card works is that it gets linked to a bank account for payment purposes and then the discounts are automatically taken away from the overall cost of the product or service that the individual who belongs to this type of social club wants.

According to Fortune, McFarland has been trying to find entrepreneurial work for a short period of time, making a risky decision to drop out of college in order to try to start his own company. McFarland started a company known as Spling, and now he’s moved on to be both a professional and social bridge for anyone who’s currently looking to save a dollar.

Even though these discounts are focused primarily on entertainment purposes such as creating a booze cruise for example, Billy McFarland has also intended this to be a tool for business endeavors, offering business men to set up events in order to help with business deals and to build rapport and relationships with other company representatives.

The Magnises card provides a valuable link between monetary savings and business relations. Not only has MacFarlane created the ability to bridge this gap that’s often hard to compensate for, but he is also created a way for businesses and private contractors to save some money on overhead while helping them to Branch out and provide more business opportunities for the future.