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Sweetgreen’s Co-Founders Are Bringing Change in the Salad World

Several years ago, a company known as Sweetgreen opened its doors to clients in the US. The food salad eatery has continued to impress its customers in different parts of the country. A recent study shows that the food company has very many clients in various states. If you visit the company stores in different places, you will be shocked by the long queues of people who want to be served. This proves that the customers get the service they need whenever they visit. Learn more:


Sweetgreen has been on the market since. The successful salad eatery was founded by three students studying at the well-known Georgetown University. These students were in their final year of school when they got the idea. After completing their university education, the young trio thought that a food chain was the best idea. The trio has spent most of their time in the company since then, making a very successful business. At the moment, Sweetgreen has over sixty stores in several locations in the US.


Nicholas Jammet, Nathaniel Ru and Jonathan Neman have worked very hard over the years to meet the demands of the modern consumers. The three have been friends for years, and they met when they were studying at the prestigious university. The school gave them skills of organizing and also taking care of their future businesses, and this explains why they have done so well in their careers. When they were in school, the trio discovered that there were very few places where people could get delicious and healthy meals in Washington D.C. This was a turning point for the Sweetgreen founders. Learn more:


According to Nathaniel Ru, the first store was opened in the Washington DC area. The store did very well, encouraging the founders to expand its services and reach more people in the United States. In a short period, the food chain had restaurants in Maryland, New York City, Chicago, Virginia and Massachusetts. Apart from offering people delicious and healthy meals, the restaurants have transformed the lives of many people by providing them employment opportunities. Nathaniel Ru says that over seven thousand individuals depend on the company for survival. Learn more:


Nathaniel Ru serves as one of the Co-CEO’s of the successful food chain. In a recent interview, Nathaniel said that his company had done well because it has incorporated the latest technology in its operations. Nathaniel says that his team checks all its products from the farmers to ensure that the customer gets the best. Learn more: