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Quality products and custom solutions from OSI Group

OSI remains to be the biggest supplier of meat to small and big food stores in the U.S. It is a privately owned industry that has stores for meat and vegetables located in different states. Since they are the largest meat suppliers they are able to produce enough to even supply to countries like Canada. The company boasts in a variety of products from pork, beef, chicken, fish, sausages, and hot dogs. In addition to this they also produce a variety of sauce used to spice up food. Having created a brand name for its business it enjoys longtime partnership with the world’s leading fast-food chain store MC Donald’s. Not only do they supply food but also offer food processing services such as manufacturing, packaging, and supply chain management.

Having started in 1909 by an immigrant known as Otto, it still enjoys being the largest supplier of high-quality meat products globally. It has its headquarters in llinios, having over 20, 000 workers to date. In 1935 it joined a partnership with MC Donald’s as the sole meat supplier for the fast food store. Their ability to produce quality meat is the primary factor that has made it be a sole proprietor in America. The CEO of the OSI Group Sheldon Lavin is the defining figure of the company as he has worked hard to make the business successful on a global scale. Customer’s satisfaction has always been the primary function of the company which has made it prosper. They are continually researching foods to offer the best to their customers.

As a global business, OSI group partners with the world’s leading food suppliers to deliver the best products to its customers. Having the best infrastructure and unlimited financial resources the company has the capabilities to source and provide custom solutions for food everywhere in the world. The company’s core value is to improve innovativeness and increase creativity so that they can come up with fresh ideas that offer custom solutions for food in the world. It is towards serving the current and the future generation. As a company they provide the following services:

 Custom solution for food worldwide
 Trusted and efficient supply chain of products.
 Excellent culinary art skills that are favorably for global taste.
 Creative and new ideas that help bring to table your menu and food
 High-quality food safety and quality food services.
 Allegiance to sustainable food supply to all our networks worldwide.

The above mentioned services are the reason why OSI group remain to be the largest meat suppliers worldwide. Their dedication to offering the best to their clients has made them the biggest privately owned company in America with offices around the globe.

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