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Public Safety Solutions Provided by Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies, a reputable company that provides civil and criminal justice technology solutions for investigation, monitoring, public safety and corrections, recently published some customer comments about their services. The comments primarily talked about the technology services provided by Securus to help solve and prevent crimes thus promoting public safety. Throughout the United States jail and prison officials comment through formal letters and emails to Securus.


Securus has been serving the community since it was founded in 1986 providing services that help curb crimes. Richard Smith the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies said that averagely once a week, the company creates a new innovative service or product that helps correction officials to help prevent and solve crimes. Richard added that the company has thousands of letters and emails talking about how Securus helps to keep society, inmates, and families safe.


Many comments are usually sampled, just to mention a few. One comment was about calls that were monitored and contained information about drug selling and alcohol use inside the prison. Moreover, it included suspicious conversations about money being transferred, a past incident of fired shots and also a civilian confessing about selling prescription drugs at a discount. The investigation by officials was simplified with this information provided by Securus Technologies services.


Another comment was from a prison official whose correctional facility has been using Securus Technologies solutions for over ten years. The official stated that it is encouraging to see how Securus Technologies has helped them to promote public safety and thus it was an appreciating comment.


Securus Technologies has substantially benefited our society. I support Securus objectives as they enhance peace in the community with many people getting to know of the negative impacts of crimes thus avoiding to commit crimes. Securus Technologies is confident that in future public safety will be at higher scales because of the job they are doing to prevent and solve crimes.