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Successes of Osi Group as a Renowned Food Provider

David McDonald is the current president at OSI Group which is a privately owned global food provider. He is in charge of operations within the company and this includes supplying proteins such as beef patties and sausage links. The company also offers its services to food service companies by supplying foods such as sandwiches and pizza. OSI Group is situated in Aurora, Illinois. OSI Group was able to acquire a controlling stake in the Baho Food Company which handles the processing of meat products. According to the president of OSI group, Baho Company has a portfolio of products that complement those of OSI. These serve as a strength for the OSI Group and also enables them to meet what their customers want.

He studied at Iowa State University where he obtained a degree in Animal Science. He is the chairman of the North American Meat Institute. He has also served as director at Marfrig Global Foods S.A. since 2008.The success of the OSI group can be attributed to its focus on its customer and also because it has different branches all over the world. Since the company has different offices around the globe it has created local management teams. The purpose of these teams has been to understand the culture of the locals as well as what they want. This is a strategy that has enabled the OSI group to satisfy clients’ needs.

This company headed by David McDonald has been operating in China for over 20 years. When there were Olympic Games in Beijing in 2008, it was charged with supplying products such as beef, pork and chicken. The job was well done as there were no complaints. This definitely improved brand’s status. Currently there are eight factories within the country. Other facilities are yet to be created. As this business plans to expand, it is going to be the largest poultry producer in China. There have been developments in different parts of the world. There is the processing plant dealing with frozen foods in Madanapalle, India and another in Geneva handling private labeled frozen entries.

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Gorge Soros: The Hungarian-American Philanthropist, Investor, and Author

Gorge Soros is among the foremost philanthropists in the world, having given away more than $12 billion so far. His funding has supported organizations and individuals worldwide fighting for the accountable government, transparency, freedom of expression, and also societies promoting equality and justice.This giving has frequently focused on people facing discrimination solely for who they are. Soros has supported groups that are representing Roma people in Europe, as well as others shoved to the mainstream society’s margins, like LGBTI people, sex workers, and drug users.Soros has undergone such intolerance first hand. He was born in Hungary in 1930. He survived through the 1944–5 Nazi occupation, which caused the death of more than 500,000 Jews from Hungary. Soro’s family lived by acquiring identity papers that were fake, hiding their backgrounds, and assisting others in doing the same.In the year 1947, after the war, Soros left Budapest for London. He started working part-time as a nightclub waiter and a railway porter to support his education at LSE (London School of Economics). He migrated to the U.S. entering the finance and investment world, in 1956.

He started his hedge fund called Soros Fund Management, in 1970; he went on and became among the investors who are successful in the United States history. He used his fortune for creating the OSF (Open Society Foundations), which is a network of projects, partners, and foundations in more than 100 nations. Its name and work are reflecting on the influence on the thinking of Soros of the Karl Popper philosophy, which he first faced at the LSE.In Popper’s book called Open Society and Its Enemies, he argues claims that no ideology or philosophy is the final truth arbiter and that societies could only thrive when they are allowing for freedom of expression, democratic governance, and also individual rights respect.Soros started his philanthropy in the year 1979, providing scholarships to South Africans who were under apartheid.

After the Berlin Wall fall, Soros founded Central European University (CEU) as a space of fostering critical thinking. He has supported lawyers and paralegals who were representing unlawfully held individuals and provided university and school fees for many promising students from sidelined groups.According to the Soros’ cover story on, in the theoretical aspect of history, Hegel saw a disturbing pattern of history-civilizations crack and fall owing to a gruesome intensification of their first principles.Although he got riches in the financial markets, he fears the untrammeled laissez-faire capitalism intensification, as well as the market values expansion into all the areas of life, is threatening our democratic and open society. The open society main aim, he believes, is now the capitalist threat but not the communist.

Norman Pattiz; A Business man, A Strategist, and An Analyst ( making networks more effective and profitable)

One of the biggest names in the radio industry is Norman Pattiz. He is also the father of Westwood one, one of the largest networks working in America. However, because of other media, radio industry got a step back, making Pattiz work harder to find a lookout for the next best thing in the listening industry.

With the rapid growth of the internet, he decided to start the radio equivalent on the web, podcast. And started a network named PodcastOne, which was the network working on delivering high-quality content through numerous podcast channels. He also tied up with many celebrities to give quality content and grab more attention of the audience.

What makes podcast different from the radio is, in a podcast, there is the space for advertising. Most of the podcasts are unaware of this business strategy, and some don’t give out their spaces to brands, making them make less profit in this business.

Norman Pattiz wanted to earn more money from this business, and for that, he contacted more advertisers to showcase their ads on his network. Few advertisers agreed within some months thus making him the game changer in this field, he for sure had more advertisers than other networks.

However, Norman still wanted more brands on his side to make his network famous. For that Pattiz had to make his network more effective as to attract more audience.

Any podcast will get more audience when they know that their advertisement is effective and what’s showcased is reliable and right, so for that, he decided to team up with Edison research to conduct a market analysis on the effectiveness of the products that were being advertised on the podcast network.

The market analysis was conducted in two phases. The first phase was consulting the subject group by making them fill a questionnaire related to the brands that were going to advertise on that network. The second phase was after when the subjects were listened by a good number of ads on the podcast channel, in between shows.

Then they were asked questions related to those brands finding out which brand got the most attention. The result was positive and show that the brand recall is extremely important in most brand situations.

Such as when the question was asked related to one of the grocery brands, only seven percent could recall or remember what exactly the interviewer was saying, after the listening analysis was concluded, almost sixty percent of the subject could recall the brand solely based on the ad that was aired. He then found out what brands should be aired making his network effective.

A leading food industry; shedding light on OSI

The OSI group is among the best international food industries. It transforms problems and client complaints to food on a table. The company makes partnerships with other great food retailers to provide quality food solutions. This organization is a privately first one. The organization has gotten to where it is because of its employees. They believe that employees are the cause of their success. Therefore when employees their staff, they do so without any bias. All employees are given equal chances regardless of their race or their religion or their disability or any other characteristic.

The organization acquired Baho food recently. Baho is a manufacturing company that prepares convenience foods and snack, deli meat included. In the words of the OSI group president, acquiring the Dutch company expanded its borders in Europe. It made OSI more known and increased its reach to clients. The merge complimented OSI’s services strength by boosting the products. Those who remained as part of Baho food even after the acquisition believe that the merger gives them an edge when it comes to experience and expertise added from the OSI group. They both could agree their ability to address customer needs has greatly been improved.

OSI industries also acquired Tyson Food, a foods processing plant. The plant was acquired for $7.4 million. The company, before the purchase, was unable to address the constantly changing customer food needs and was about to shut down. Tyson’s shutting down would mean a loss of over 480 jobs. The purchase saved the plant from its death. It also saved about 250 jobs for those who got employed by OSI. This move added to OSI’s ability in the provision of food solutions to their customers. Click here to know more.

Along the same line of acquisition, OSI also managed to grab hold of Flagship Europe. Flagship is a US supplier of food products such as the Oliver James pies. Flagship had just merged with Calder foods. Calder organization used to supply products like sandwich fillings. Both the organizations believe the merge increases their products and available resources. They could now reach more clients and have opened up to global markets. It strengthens their positions in business. In the end, it increased their ability to address clients’ needs.

The OSI group was among the 18 companies that won an award last year. The organization won the Globe Honor award. This award was presented to them by the British safety council. This award indicated that the organization had shown dedication to environmental preservation through managing of risks in the organization. To earn that award, an organization would have to achieve five stars in the audit by British Safety Council.

Brian Torchin – The Man Behind The Name

Who is Brian Torchin?

According to Glassdoor, Brian Torchin is known as the medical professional who founded HCRC Staffing. Spending several years opening, staffing as well as managing offices in the medical field in Delaware, Pennsylvania and Florida. Torchin took this knowledge and started his own staffing offices with doctors of chiropractic, physicians, physical therapists, and physician assistants. This ultimately led to the founding of HCRC Staffing.

Now, Torchin spends the majority of his time and resources ensuring that his clients around the world are treated with only the greatest results.

What is HCRC Staffing?

HCRC Staffing is an industry leading, full service, medical staffing agency, as well as consulting firm, for the healthcare industry. For healthcare practices that are looking for the right medical staff, it can be challenging as well as overwhelming. With HCRC Staffing, these practices are no longer alone.

According to their website, HCRC Staffing was “founded with the mission to incorporate years of medical and staffing knowledge to enhance the hiring experience.” HCRC Staffing is headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and offers convenient hours that fall into the evenings and also weekends. Learn more about Brian Torchin:

Plus, you don’t have to be based in Philadelphia to use HCRC. They support all 50 states, including overseas with Canada, Europe, Australia, and Asia.

What kind of jobs does HCRC Cover?

HCRC Staffing supports jobs for chiropractors, medical professionals, physical therapists, physician assistans, and nurse practitioners. HCRC Staffing also works with urgent care centers, hospitals, and private practices.

What media outlets have featured Brian Torchin?

The Digital Journal featured Torchin in May of 2013 in the article titled, “Torchin staffing the global healthcare industry.” also wrote an article on Torchin in May of 2013 about how he has brought the chiropractic industry into the spotlight through the HCRC program called, “your health is in safe hands.”

Also in May of 2013, featured an article they wrote on Brian Torchin regarding his great recruitment of chiropractors. In addition, wrote on how Torchin has been delivering at great capacity, the gradually increasing demand for professionals in the medical field.

Greg Secker Offers Insight on Modern Trends of Trading in Forex Exchange

For individuals who have been keeping off the market of foreign exchange prominently known as forex, this could be the right time to consider indulging in the game. With the current wave of success in forex, this is a docket to consider investing in given the high chances of reaping unheard profits. With a stagnant wage growth as well as inflated rearing rates, it is vital to be part of this important business that incorporates historical lows. Following the huge advantages of these trends, the market is growing with most investors putting their money into businesses that deal in forex. With a clear understanding of how to trade in forex exchange, an individual can crack into the business through successful strategies. To understand if the market is worth investing in for an individual, Greg Secker has jotted some vital points to look into prior to investing.


Greg Secker defines foreign exchange as a market in which international currencies are traded every day. While most individuals think that forex market has a centralized platform for exchange, this is not a fact. Computer networks control all trades. Forex trade is a technical business that involves a high level of understanding when it comes to dealing with technical machines. An individual must, therefore, have a clear understanding of how to use computers. As a trader, it is also vital to understand different trades and the profits likely to be generated through these trades. With this understanding, an individual can easily compare the market trends in business.


While others have asked themselves why it is vital to be involved in forex currently, the answer is as simple as forex trading has taken a different dimension of growth. With the unstable worldwide economy, this is the safest as well as most predictable business to invest in. This is because there is always an analysis of the market trends in business.

Secker’s Profile

Greg Secker is a successful entrepreneur. He is known for his commitment to helping investors in making sound business decisions. In his twenties, he was a millionaire. He started working with computers in high school. Currently, Greg Secker offers advice on forex exchange.

Leisure-wear Working Hard

How do you compete with Amazon in today’s retail world? Ask Kate Hudson. Her new store, “Fabletics” is giving Amazon and many other on-line stores, a run for their money. To be a contender in retail you have to be unique, offer exceptional customer service and provide a great product. Fabletics has nailed all three.

As one of the few membership based retail organizations, Fabletics has built its reputation on creating relationships with its customers. And its brick and mortar stores are not built to compete with it’s online sales, but rather to encourage them. By analyzing customer data, inventory in their retail stores is customized to the preferences of local customers. After browsing through the story, many customers go home and order online. Fabletics has found a way to embrace this behavior. To them, a sale is a sale. It does not matter how it gets onto the books.

Established in 2013, Kate Hudson has seen her vision become a $250 company in just four short years. The average growth rate is a healthy 35% per year. Fabletics was established to operate within the niche market of ‘athleisure’ wear. Providing quality stylish athletic / work-out clothes at a reasonable cost has driven the company to where they are today.

Another thing Fabletics does well is to make their customers feel appreciated and empowered. They want all women to feel good about themselves, no matter what size or shape. Using a lot of technology, Fabletics is able to capture customer information at several different points and combines this information to provide personalized service, recalling a customer’s profile history when they return to a physical store. Information is captured from their social media site to help them monitor new trends in leisure-wear.

Thinking outside the box has broken the retail market wide open for Fabletics. The membership driven model has attracted 1.2 million customers. Plans are to add another 12 retail stores to the already existing 22 stores. With retail sales increasing 644% in 2016 there is no indications of a slow-down. Even Amazon can’t beat those numbers.


Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero, A True Professional

The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of the company, Grupo Televisa, S.A named, Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero is a very well-known professional in his field of work. He is considered one of the very best CFOs in the country.

There are a couple of important parameters that make a CFO a good one and Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero scores excellently on all of them.

There are many reasons why he is considered as one of the best. A good CFO will always pay low to get money. This low figure cannot be more than 8 percent of implicit interest rate. Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero’s numbers in this regard are flawless.

One very significant thing to be noted here is that the volume of interest that is to be paid must be covered by operating flow. It doesn’t matter how low the rate is. But if all the funds are finished, there won’t be any funds left to cover the other needs. Therefore, every company wants to keep their Ebitda less than 3 times the financial cost. This is where Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero comes in as he always makes sure these numbers are well maintained for the company.

Basically, Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero’s job is to make sure that his company has enough resources in order to operate in a specific period of time. These resources can be in the form of stocks, temporary investments, cash and accounts as well. These resources can never be high otherwise these would not be considered profitable for the company.

One other parameter for a successful CFO is that he/she needs to make sure that the current assets are never less than the current liabilities. And yet again, this is where Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero comes in and does his job brilliantly.

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Sweetgreen’s Co-Founders Are Bringing Change in the Salad World

Several years ago, a company known as Sweetgreen opened its doors to clients in the US. The food salad eatery has continued to impress its customers in different parts of the country. A recent study shows that the food company has very many clients in various states. If you visit the company stores in different places, you will be shocked by the long queues of people who want to be served. This proves that the customers get the service they need whenever they visit. Learn more:


Sweetgreen has been on the market since. The successful salad eatery was founded by three students studying at the well-known Georgetown University. These students were in their final year of school when they got the idea. After completing their university education, the young trio thought that a food chain was the best idea. The trio has spent most of their time in the company since then, making a very successful business. At the moment, Sweetgreen has over sixty stores in several locations in the US.


Nicholas Jammet, Nathaniel Ru and Jonathan Neman have worked very hard over the years to meet the demands of the modern consumers. The three have been friends for years, and they met when they were studying at the prestigious university. The school gave them skills of organizing and also taking care of their future businesses, and this explains why they have done so well in their careers. When they were in school, the trio discovered that there were very few places where people could get delicious and healthy meals in Washington D.C. This was a turning point for the Sweetgreen founders. Learn more:


According to Nathaniel Ru, the first store was opened in the Washington DC area. The store did very well, encouraging the founders to expand its services and reach more people in the United States. In a short period, the food chain had restaurants in Maryland, New York City, Chicago, Virginia and Massachusetts. Apart from offering people delicious and healthy meals, the restaurants have transformed the lives of many people by providing them employment opportunities. Nathaniel Ru says that over seven thousand individuals depend on the company for survival. Learn more:


Nathaniel Ru serves as one of the Co-CEO’s of the successful food chain. In a recent interview, Nathaniel said that his company had done well because it has incorporated the latest technology in its operations. Nathaniel says that his team checks all its products from the farmers to ensure that the customer gets the best. Learn more:

U.S. Money Reserve Publishes An Exclusive eBook On How People Can Safeguard Their Wealth

In the recent years, there has been an increase in political and global unrest. To this end, America’s Gold Authority, U.S. Money Reserve, released an eBook known as “The 2017 War of Nerves: Global Risk and Your Money.” Notably, the eBook has an added offer of 1/10 oz. Gold American Coins. These coins are purchased at cost.

The U.S. Money Reserve published the special report with the objective of educating many worried Americans on how they can hedge against the emerging global economic risks. In addition, the report that can be accessed online, seeks to help American investors to protect their assets by owning gold, which is a safe haven in times of global unrest.

With the increasing global threats and trade wars, some experts have realized a storm of economic risk. It is for this reason that the U.S. Money Reserve is providing their new clients with the exclusive opportunity of buying the 1/10 oz. Gold American Eagle Coins at their cost price. The corporation is optimistic that they will be able to sellout this U.S. government-issued coin at the special price. Read more: US Money Reserve | Manta

The president of the U.S. Money Reserve, Philip Diehl, posited that gold has been the safe haven asset in the globe, thus the reason behind gold price surges in times of economic crisis. He went on to say that gold is tangible and not largely affected by volatility. This way, gold ranks as a powerful government-approved tool to protect people’s savings from potential losses and global risks. As one of the most successful U.S. Mint directors, Philip continues to be one of the trusted sources of precious metals.

About U.S. Money Reserve

Over the years, U.S. Money Reserve has maintained its leadership in providing the public with world-class U.S. government-issued coins. This success is attributed to company’s experienced account executives, customer relations department and industry leading numismatic experts. In addition, the U.S. Money Reserve has enlisted the services of experienced coin research professionals, and order and verification personnel.

Notably, its compliance and standards department, vault and shipping department, and inventory departments have played a pivotal role in enhancing the growth of the U.S. Money Reserve in offering innovative products to their clients.

Under the visionary leadership of Philip Diehl, U.S. Reserve has continued to thrive in offering precious metals to its customers. The executive sits on the boards of the Coalition for Equitable Regulation and Taxation (CERT) and Industry Council for Tangible Assets (ICTA).

He has been encouraging people to own physical gold, platinum and silver as a method of protecting their personal wealth given the uncertain global economy.