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OSI Group Grows Footprint in Europe, Chicago

An Aurora, Illinois-based company continues to grow its presence in both its own backyard and across the pond. OSI Group, one of the largest private American companies, looks to expand further thanks to recent acquisitions.

One of those acquisitions provided relief for workers at the former Tyson Foods plant on the southside of Chicago. According to a Tyson Foods spokesperson, 480 workers were expected to lose their jobs due to the plant being shut down. However, many of these employees were picked up by OSI Group shortly when they acquired the plant in June of 2016. OSI Group said the move will help them be able to meet the changing needs of their clients while offering more opportunities for the company to grow.

OSI Group has been busy expanding their European presence as well, with the acquisition of Baho Foods and Flagship Europe. Baho is a Dutch-based food manufacturer, specializing in convenience foods, snacks, and deli meats. The company and its five subsidiaries have customers throughout Europe. Their products are featured in 18 European countries, a reach that offers OSI Group room for extensive growth on the continent. In addition to the five subsidiaries, Baho also has processing plants in the Netherlands and Germany, which OSI Group believes will help their company serve the growing and evolving needs of their clients.

The acquisition of Flagship Europe, a United Kingdom-based company, is another major growth opportunity for OSI Group. Flagship Europe had recently expanded their own reach through the acquisition of Calder Foods. This gave Flagship a greater presence in the area of dips, marinades, and sandwich fillings, in addition to their previous focus on frozen poultry, sauces, mayonnaise, dressings, and Oliver James pies. The move allows OSI Group to expand its service areas while offering Flagship Europe the chance to reach more customers around the world.

OSI Group’s good news in the UK isn’t limited to the recent acquisition, however. OSI Food Solutions UK earned a 2016 Globe of Honour award from the British Safety Council, one of only 18 companies to win this prestigious award. The Globe of Honour is awarded to companies that achieve a five-star environmental management audit from the British Safety Council and demonstrate excellence in environmental management throughout the company, including on the plant floor and in the boardroom.The company was recognized for their exemplary management of environment risks for the third time since 2013. OSI first opened a plant in the UK in 1989.

The company’s busy 2016 has put them in a position for greater growth in the future. As the needs of their customers and the industry evolves, OSI Group is poised to rise to the challenge.