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Life Line Screening Detects and Motivates People To Needed Wellness Changes

Lifeline Screening is a company that was started in 1993 with the aim of helping people determine health issues before it is too late to receive effective treatment. Since then, they have expanded to cover all of the continental United States as well as the United Kingdom. There has more recently been expansion into the Australian market as well although the name there is Screen For Life. There have been many clients receiving screening tests and being able to either get a clean bill of health or else find the proper treatment as necessary.

Cardiovascular screening tests are one of the primary options available, and this is great news because of the fact that something like 600K Americans will die each year from cardiovascular disease complications. Blood screenings, electrocardiographs, and ultrasounds are also all part of the services offered and taken up by over 1 million people per year. The reason that these Life Line screenings are helping to save lives and leading to overall better health is due to the fact that statistics now show that something like one-fifth of all of these deaths might have been prevented if the person had only undergone dietary changes or other lifestyle interventions. Knowledge is the key to longevity, and everyone needs to get checked so that they will be able to plan accordingly.

Most people have heard of the cardiovascular disease being termed the silent killer. There are many times no blatant signs of health trouble with it until it is too late. That is why the knowledge that can be obtained from Life Line screening helps to motivate people to make these serious changes in lifestyle even if they had no inspiration beforehand. Also, the company has also been able to influence even those who receive satisfactory results to push for these similar changes in their own lives. This was all confirmed through a recent Life Line screening study that was conducted on a panel that was mostly women over the age of 50. Researchers saw that those who were getting screenings were more likely to do things like exercise or plan their meals better. Also, precisely following doctor’s advice and taking medication as prescribed was more likely in that group as well. It is all quite affordable and quickly effective so that there is no reason not to see what your body may be keeping from you by getting a thorough Life Line Screening.

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