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George Soros Helps Others

When people think of philanthropists, usually one name comes to mind over others. That name is George Soros. He is known for giving a lot to the people in need of philanthropists all around the world. There are people that are in terrible situations, and he helps them on a regular basis. Some of them are drug addicts or sex workers, and whether they are in their situations because of something they did or they were put into it, he helps them just the same.

Referred To As A Terrorist In An Article From The Atlantic

The article says that President Trump says he is a terrorist. It also refers to him as a threat to our society. This is a very difficult article to read, but this has not daunted the spirit of George Soros.

George Soros Continues To Give From His Heart

Even with the widespread talk of what he is alleged of doing, he continues to give to the people that are less fortunate. He is helping them in so many ways that it is hard not to admire the determination and dedication that he feels about helping the world.

George Soros In The Younger Years

His family is Jewish, and he, himself is Jewish too. They lived amongst a lot of grief and mistreatment. Though they were in a terrible ordeal themselves, they helped others anyway.

Later Years For George Soros

In the later years, George Soros decided to open a Hedge Fund. He named it the Soros Fund Management in the year 1970. He was able to use the many funds he received from this to open his Open Society Foundation. He gives scholarships out to those that can use them to educate themselves so they can help others too.In the future, George Soros will do everything in his power to help those less fortunate than himself. He sets a good example for other people to stand up and help too.