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Fabletics Is Shaping The World of Athletic Wear By Beating out Amazon

In an effort to bring more customers over to Fabletics, they have opted to once again stepped up their game. Being at the forefront of virtual showroooms is not just what Fabletics wants to rule. They also want to be able to provide other users the opportunity to try on the clothing line before even purchasing it, which is why they have opted to open 100 actual stores throughout the United States. By opening the stores up, customers will be able to walk into the store and purchase the items that they like. Once they have tried on the clothes and have decided what items they like the most, the workers will then be asking about signing up for the monthly membership.


The brand which is a subsidiary of the “Unicorn” name is a business that brought in over $150 million dollars through the course of 2015, all of that done by their virtual showrooms. The virtual showrooms will be used to create the new stores. The new stores will be a replica of the actual showroom that customers see through the online showroom.


One of the companies that Fabletics has had to come up against is Amazon. For retail customers, they tend to opt to visit virtual showrooms to purchase their items because it is easier to be able to do all your shopping online than it is to visit one store after another. For users who do not have enough time in the day to be able to shop, they must resort to shopping online. These users could be single moms who can’t take their kids into the stores with them or find it too difficult to do, it could be customers who have a fear of trying on new clothes or many other reasons.


For customers who find themselves shopping in virtual showrooms, the one name that they seem to head to the most for their retail items is Amazon. Fabletics however has not allowed for Amazon to be the only provider of the athletic wear that is stylish. Since Fabletics has become a business, they are a name that most people have heard of and who have seen the commercials of. The head promoter of the business is Kate Hudson. Since she has been the leader in the business that has been helping others to switch to this line of athletic wear. A new spokesperson has recently been added, another big name that most people have heard of, Demi Lovato.