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Everyone Should Want To Become A FreedomPop Customer

No one at all is restricted from coming to FreedomPop for wireless services, even if they are currently with another carrier. Some people feel the need to test out FreedomPop’s services by having their original carrier and getting a second phone with FreedomPop services in the meantime, which may ultimately make them switch over to FreedomPop for good. Since practically every GSM phone can be used with FreedomPop, all that’s required is to have the phone unlocked, which is quite easy to do. Some may not realize that their phone contains an application that can unlock the phone automatically.

Those who have the application to unlock their phone must be up-to-date with their carrier as far as payments and can likely unlock the phone on their own. Phones that require a code for unlocking purposes will need the code to get it network unlocked. Call the current carrier for the cell phone, or purchase one of the unlock codes available on eBay for that particular phone to have it unlocked from the carrier. Once the phone has been unlocked, put in a sim card from FreedomPop to start using it.

Those that are not using a Sprint phone on the FreedomPop network can use a cell phone that takes a sim card, and these phones tend to be the best. Since a GSM phone will be usable in many different countries, it may be the best choice to get a sim card-based phone because using the FreedomPop sim card allows for phone calls in 25 different countries. Those that go over to the UK can easily use their FreedomPop services at no extra charge and still call home when they are away from the USA.

Some may worry about the roaming charges that will receive when they make calls in one of the 25 countries that FreedomPop operates in, but the roaming charges are waived in these countries. With so many options to call from and to different countries with the FreedomPop service, who wouldn’t want to get a cell phone to link it to FreedomPop? Anyone who gets FreedomPop cell phone service will only need to pick one of their great plans, which is a free plan, a paid plan, or one of the unlimited plans. Once the plan is chosen, it’s easy to use the cell phone with FreedomPop’s services to start making calls, sending texts and more.

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