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Eric Lefkofsky’s Leading the Fight Against the Cancer Menace

Before his wife’s dreaded breast cancer diagnosis, Eric Lefkofsky was only known for his legacy at the $2.2 billion company he was working at- Groupon. It might have remained so had an idea not been born to create a platform that hosts loads of information about cancer. Tempus was founded, and the company developed a link between anatomic and molecular data to clinical data extracted from medical systems from all over the world. This would help doctors come up with more personalized treatments for each patient. Eric Lefkofsky appointed Kevin White as the president of the company in aim to take down cancer using modern technology, and he teamed up with University of Chicago, Michigan and the Northwester’s Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Centre. Together, they have advanced and are using genomic sequencing and analyzing data to make verdicts on treatment.

Being the co-founder of Groupon and Lightbank Venture Capital Firm, Eric Lefkofsky has amassed a lot of wealth, approximated to be around $1.65 billion. He has generously used it to fund many sectors such as health care, education, arts, culture and human rights. Eric started his career by selling carpets at the University of Michigan. He then joined law school and thereafter started Apparel, which was not successful. The failure of Apparel did not stop him from starting Starbelly, an internet company dealing in promotional products, which was successful and sold for $240 million.

Lefkofsky appreciates giving back to the society and has had a plethora of philanthropic strategies. He and his wife are signatories of the Giving Pledge. Furthermore, the couple started a charitable trust known as the Lefkofsky Family Foundation. The foundation supports organizations that improve the quality of life. In education, Eric and Liz focus on helping the young children with their school and after school programs, disadvantaged youths and anyone else who is in need of scholarships as well as providing teachers and administrators with necessary tools. In health, their contribution is funneled towards children and cancer patients. Their contributions towards human rights foundations are not much but have done their bit in supporting arts and culture in Chicago.