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End Citizens United’s Predictions For 2018

Have you ever wondered who the next targets in the next elections for “big money funding” are going to be?

If you don’t know what we are talking about, we will take you back to 2010 to understand what made the political debates of the United States full of corrupted schemes and a lack of transparency according to

In 2010, a landmark was approved that was going to change the American political campaigns forever. That landmark was the Citizens United, which was created specifically to promote interactions between voters and their favorite political candidates while also providing ways for them to express their votes… with their money…?

You can see how it starts to look like a terrible idea, but it turned out to be much worse in practice than in paper.

The Citizens United landmark allowed for anyone to fund their political candidates of preference with money, as much money as you see fit, to support their campaigns.

This has happened, for example, in the last presidential debate of Hillary Clinton versus Donald Trump, in which both sides had tyrants, multinational business owners and billionaires funding their campaigns. What is the problem with that?

The United States realized that, because of the amount of money that is poured into their campaigns, the candidates end up owning their supporters something for their “services.”

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The End Citizens United Political Action Committee (PAC) was created specifically for the purpose of trying to break this visions cycle.

Right now, the End Citizens United group has grown so large that they have members and donors scattered around the entire territory of the U.S., with an amount that sums to thousands of people rooting for the end of the corrupted landmark.

The group acts by raising awareness of the problem while also using the broken system of the Citizens United to elect Democrats and candidates that they also know root for the end of this era, and for the landmark to be changed.

By using the funding possibilities that Citizens United allows for, the PAC is now electing as many politicians as possible that are pro-reform, especially Democrats.

The team has also released a list of 20 Republican members that they think will be the next target of the “Big Money problem,” and they called that list the “Big Money 20.” They believe these Democrats will be the targets in 2018.

Inside the list, you can find names like Dean Heller, from Nevada, and even Claudia Tenney, from New York. To learn more about the Big Money 20, visit the group’s official website. They have a lot of information on why they think these names will be present in the big funding of 2018 and how Americans should prepare themselves for the upcoming events of the year.

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