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Changing Lives Through Cosmetic Innovation: Dr. Jennifer Walden

We are living in some of the most contemporary of times and technology is the ruling mechanism. Just about every field of work or just about every sector of business has some form of innovative technology. When it comes to cosmetic surgery, this field of work is loaded with innovation as well as loaded with brilliant minds. One of those brilliant minds just so happens to be Dr. Jennifer Walden. The Austin, Texas-native has made a prominent name for herself throughout the years. She is a board certified plastic surgeon, a prolific author and a revolutionary. Walden seems to be following in her parents’ footsteps as her mom and dad were both medical professionals.

This amazing woman is the very definition of female empowerment, and she’s a role model for aspiring female professionals. Walden has lived and worked in New York City for seven years. She attained her fellowship from the prestigious Manhattan Eye, Ear & Throat Hospital. Aesthetic surgery was her forte, and she has been taught by some of the best individuals in the business. Dr. Sherrell Aston was one of her confidants in which she became a close associate to. She gained plenty of high-quality experience and knowledge while in New York City. These new techniques would go on to make her into a huge success. While working on the Upper East Side of town, Walden was involved in bringing silicone breast implants back to the forefront of the industry. She introduced newer studies on the subject, and she provided plenty of clinical trials.

After the birth of her twin boys, Houston and Rex, Walden decided to move back to her hometown of Austin, Texas. As of today, she has her very own medical practice that’s known as Walden Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Center. Dr. Jennifer Walden has changed the lives of many people, but who knows what she has in store for the future. Follow Instagram