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Cassio Audi and his Collaboration with Viper Band

Cassio Audi, the leading Brazilian financial executive, was a great performer in the initial days of his career. He collaborated with the famous Brazilian hard metal band called Viper and was active in the late 80’s and early 90’s. Audi was with the band since it founded in 1985 as a drummer of it. He worked with other founders including Passarell brothers, Felipe Marchado, and Andre Matos and gave a strong foundation to the band in the initial years. They released their first album – Soldiers of Sunrise – in the year 1987. It was more of a raw sounding high metallic album, and it registered significant success with rave reviews.

Following the success of the album, they went on a countrywide tour with their songs, and people accepted them with great applause. In 1989, the band returned to studios and released their second album – Theatre of Fate. The album saw an improved song writing by the influence of classical music. It also saw an improved singing, and it became an instant hit in the industry. In 1992, the band released their third album named Evolution with influences of rock style and classical singing. Later, Audi left the group to join financial services industry as an executive. Click here to know more about him.

Audi has also helped Viper to come up with a number of singles in the initial years. Even after leaving for the financial industry, he collaborated with the band multiple times. In April 2016, the founders joined together and performed Soldiers of Sunrise in São Paulo for celebrating Viper Day. The event attracted large gathering, and everyone appreciated the drum skills of Audi. He is considered to be one of the results-driven financial executives with more than two decades of experience. Audi worked with a number of international banks, financial institutions, investment groups, real estate developers, and more.