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Billionaire Donor George Soros Looks to Help Democrats Regain Power

The Democrat party received a considerable amount of major blows during the most recent election of 2016. Their candidate for President Hillary Clinton lost to Donald Trump. They also lost both the House of Representatives and Senate. As a result, they are now looking for ways to recover and eventually regain political power by the midterm elections of 2018. Recently, Democrat leaders and union leaders met in Washington to discuss their next strategy. They were all accompanied by billionaire George Soros. He has long been one of the most helpful individuals to the Democrat party over the years. George Soros has made campaign contributions of millions of dollars to aid Democrat candidates in elections. With his help, the Democrats will likely increase their chances of reaching their goals of making America a more progressive nation.

During the discussions in Washington, the Democrats along with George Soros came to the conclusion that in order to get back power, they must take certain action. First, they will need to invest more money in campaigns for their party members in upcoming elections. They will also need to appoint new leadership that will hopefully provide a more effective message to conservatives. The Democrats and George Soros also believe that they must preserve Obamacare. By the end of the discussions, the Democrats all agreed that they must challenge and contest numerous policies that new president elect Donald Trump has suggested.

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In the most recent election, there was a key group of people that proved to determine the outcome of the results. It has been revealed that working class voters in conservative states voted for Trump and the Republicans. With this in mind, the Democrats now realize that they need to appeal to these particular voters in order to have any chance at winning the next elections. They will now plan to invest more campaign funds for party members who run in these conservative states. With the resources available by George Soros, the Democrats will likely have one person they can count on to provide them with the results they are striving for. An increase in campaign investment in conservative states will allow Democrat leaders to more effectively convince working class voters that they have their best interest in mind.

As well as investing more money in campaigns in conservative states, Democrat leaders have also concluded that they will need to appoint new people to take on the key leadership positions. With new leadership, the Democrat party will likely have the ability to work with the Republicans as well as providing more appeal to future voters. One of their plans is to appoint Keith Ellison of Minnesota to take over the reigns of the Democratic National Committee. With Ellison in charge of this organization, the Democrats will be in better position to look for new leaders who can improve the party in the near future. These new leaders will then have the opportunity to set up progressive policies that will benefit the nation. As a result, the Democrats are looking to help set America up to adopt both social progress and fiscal responsibility.

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