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Betsy DeVos; Passionate about Quality Improved Education

Betsy DeVos was confronted with praise from his supporters and controversies from her opposers after being called to the position of the Secretary of Education of the United States. However, according to my research, Betsy DeVos has involved and given herself to the support of education. She is passionate about fighting for the right education and education reforms. She is a known leader in the choice movement. She has fought for education reforms not only politically, but she has also given them the philanthropic uplift and developing grassroots educational organizations in her adult life.

Betsy DeVos was introduced to the school choice concept at a young age by her parents who were a high school teacher. She later in her college life dug deep into the issue. She played a major role in the forefront of the public school sector. Moreover, she entered into the world of Michigan Politics in the Republican Party. She began performing her philanthropies activities through charitable organizations and non-profit organization.

Betsy DeVos worked earlier as the chairman of the philanthropy roundtable. The Philanthropy Roundtable deals with the education of the legislators on philanthropy and also promotes philanthropy. She used her position to encourage the support of education in most needy areas that include the school choice and vouchers. Betsy DeVos succeeded in her school choice when she served on two nonprofit education organizations. They were dealing in providing scholarships to the low-income families. Once the school choice program failed, but she shifted and fought to the national level and found help from other non-profit organizations in the fight. Ache included her political and philanthropic activities in her fight to create awareness of the school choice.

In my view, Betsy DeVos is a tireless all-round worker in matters regarding charity. She offers not only financial giving or working through non-profit organizations, but she is also a mentor at the Grand Rapids public schools. The philanthropic activities that she is devoted to are a picture of who the DeVos family is. They appeared as the twenty-fourth top givers in the Forbes Listings in the year 2015. The family had donated an amount equal to 11.6 million dollars in that year. Many students have benefited from the donations, and many of the people are now aware of the school choice. She is now the newly appointed Secretary of Education, and it is in no doubt that her previous picture is a painting of what Betsy DeVos will achieve the position.


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  • Phoenix Titan
    Posted November 13, 2017 at 3:14 pm | Permalink

    Betsy DeVos is committed to quality education for kids. Apart from her full-time job as Secretary of Education, she is involved in superiorpaper charity work. She believes in raising strong children who will make America great again.