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After Worries of Olympic Valley are Finally Over, Andy Wirth has Major Plans for the Community

Olympic Valley has been one of the most popular destinations for skiers from around the world. It is a tightly knit community, which depends heavily on the revenue generated by thousands of visitors who come to the Valley. However, things were looking uncertain and businesses potential was bleak in the last few years because Mother Nature did not bring snow that is usually associated with early Winter storms. Another problem was an effort by private groups of Olympic Valley to incorporate. Since local residents were not sure of the impact of incorporation, investors usually kept away from the area.

However, the tide has changed as this Winter the Valley was greeted by early winter storms that allowed visitors to return in record numbers. Besides, efforts of the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, Andy Wirth paid off when California’s Local Agency Commission Formation officially announced that the petition to incorporate Olympic Valley is overruled. For local residents and supporters of Andy Wirth, the win is a huge boost to the community as it will boost investor’s confidence. Talking about the win, Andy Wirth claimed that any type of incorporation would mean that locals will be devoid of even the basic necessities. With private groups overseeing road maintenance and snow plowing, the community would either need to pay extra tax or they would be deprived of quality services. Another concern that prompted Andy Wirth to fight the legal battle was a possible isolation of Olympic Valley from other North Shore communities.

Andy Wirth is not only the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, but he is also a household name in Tahoe. For many years, his family has supported local communities by offering support in the form of financial aid and community building projects. As an outdoor sportsmen, who nearly lost his arm in a Ski diving accident, Andy is passionate about life and outdoors. Recently, he is focusing on collecting funds for Navy Seal families and Veterans.

Private companies who supported the incorporation of Olympic Valley claim that Andy has personal business interests in the community. Such claims were made during the court proceedings indicating that Andy and his company are going to build several commercial and residential communities in the area. In addition, there is also a proposed Gondola project that will join Olympic Valley and Alpine Meadows. However, such allegations seem unjustified considering that Andy Wirth has devoted his entire life to strengthen local communities. Therefore, any efforts on his part to address long-standing local issues should be seen in a positive light. Commenting on the issue, Andy also claimed that he is actively working on building a mega-transportation network that will also go beyond the Olympic Valley.