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A Man on a Mission: Christopher Burch

Chris Burch has been an instrumental figure in the business world with. As the founder of Burch Creative Capital, he has helped build an array of companies in the hospitality, technology and fashion industry.
While we know Chris Burch today as a successful investor and entrepreneur, life wasn’t always this way for him. Born and raise in the Pennsylvania, Chris comes from a humble background. Learning came hard for him as a kid having a severe attention deficit disorder. However, that didn’t stop his pursuit to learn. At age 14, his parents managed to send him to a school in New Hampshire called the Tilton Prep School where he completed his education.
Chris Burch had a knack for business since his childhood. He spent much of his time working between various jobs like construction, being a street vendor and small petty jobs. His first break came in as an undergraduate studying in Ithaca College. Starting with a sum of $2000, Chris and his brother started the Eagles Eyes Apparel. The name Eagle was a tribute to their father who had the same nickname. Their small operation grew and expanded to other campuses and retail stores around America. The brand outgrew its initial investment and expanded its operation with a nationwide distribution system and its own chain of retail stores within the next decade. By the time the company was sold off it already had a brand value of more than $165 million. After the success of his initial venture, Chris set on a new path and soon started his own fashion label with his wife called Tory Burch. Chris served as the co-chairman of the company. During his tenure, the sales of the company reached new heights and by early December 2012, the company was well estimated to be worth $3.5 billion.
Chris moved onto new avenues forming a company called J. Christopher Capital LLC which was eventually renamed to its current Burch Creative Capital. The company invests in a wide variety of lifestyle and consumer products which range from home furnishing, apparel, hospitality, organic food to fashion apparel and technology industries. The company has made significant investments in brands like Cocoon9, Nihiwatu, Poppin, ED by Ellen Degeneres and Trademark. The company strives on the motto of successful investing and creativity which had led it to become a formidable brand to compete with. Burch Creative Capital makes use of creative skill sets to create and support different brands and business.

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