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A leading food industry; shedding light on OSI

The OSI group is among the best international food industries. It transforms problems and client complaints to food on a table. The company makes partnerships with other great food retailers to provide quality food solutions. This organization is a privately first one. The organization has gotten to where it is because of its employees. They believe that employees are the cause of their success. Therefore when employees their staff, they do so without any bias. All employees are given equal chances regardless of their race or their religion or their disability or any other characteristic.

The organization acquired Baho food recently. Baho is a manufacturing company that prepares convenience foods and snack, deli meat included. In the words of the OSI group president, acquiring the Dutch company expanded its borders in Europe. It made OSI more known and increased its reach to clients. The merge complimented OSI’s services strength by boosting the products. Those who remained as part of Baho food even after the acquisition believe that the merger gives them an edge when it comes to experience and expertise added from the OSI group. They both could agree their ability to address customer needs has greatly been improved.

OSI industries also acquired Tyson Food, a foods processing plant. The plant was acquired for $7.4 million. The company, before the purchase, was unable to address the constantly changing customer food needs and was about to shut down. Tyson’s shutting down would mean a loss of over 480 jobs. The purchase saved the plant from its death. It also saved about 250 jobs for those who got employed by OSI. This move added to OSI’s ability in the provision of food solutions to their customers. Click here to know more.

Along the same line of acquisition, OSI also managed to grab hold of Flagship Europe. Flagship is a US supplier of food products such as the Oliver James pies. Flagship had just merged with Calder foods. Calder organization used to supply products like sandwich fillings. Both the organizations believe the merge increases their products and available resources. They could now reach more clients and have opened up to global markets. It strengthens their positions in business. In the end, it increased their ability to address clients’ needs.

The OSI group was among the 18 companies that won an award last year. The organization won the Globe Honor award. This award was presented to them by the British safety council. This award indicated that the organization had shown dedication to environmental preservation through managing of risks in the organization. To earn that award, an organization would have to achieve five stars in the audit by British Safety Council.