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Monthly Archives: October 2016

The Bridge to Fill the Gap

Why would anyone want to pay full price for services when they can get a discounted rate? In order to assist individuals seeking ways to save a dollar, Billy McFarland, a young entrepreneur who’s just 23 years old, has devised a company and an idea known as Magnises. Magnises is it interesting metal card that […]

Cleaning the Home with Handy

I have been a fan of Handy Cleaning services for a long time. This has become the perfect solution for anyone that is interested in getting a good top to bottom cleaning in the home. I know how to clean fairly well. That is not my problem at all. The problem that I have had […]

Everyone Should Want To Become A FreedomPop Customer

No one at all is restricted from coming to FreedomPop for wireless services, even if they are currently with another carrier. Some people feel the need to test out FreedomPop’s services by having their original carrier and getting a second phone with FreedomPop services in the meantime, which may ultimately make them switch over to […]

How Securus Technologies is keeping families together

Improved technologies help people or institutions to make life better for most families who are separated by distance or other issues. One such issue being resolved through technology is where one of the family members is serving time in a correction facility.   Many mothers or fathers find themselves raising families alone after their spouses […]

Bruce Levenson’s AHBE Group Sues AIG Insurance

Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment (AHBE) filed a lawsuit against AIG Insurance. Atlanta Hawks is the holding company of the basketball franchise. Hawks is one of the NBA championships sides. The lawsuit against AIG claims that the insurance company in New Hampshire was liable for breaching contract involving the settlement of claims under the former […]