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Changing Lives Through Cosmetic Innovation: Dr. Jennifer Walden

We are living in some of the most contemporary of times and technology is the ruling mechanism. Just about every field of work or just about every sector of business has some form of innovative technology. When it comes to cosmetic surgery, this field of work is loaded with innovation as well as loaded with brilliant minds. One of those brilliant minds just so happens to be Dr. Jennifer Walden. The Austin, Texas-native has made a prominent name for herself throughout the years. She is a board certified plastic surgeon, a prolific author and a revolutionary. Walden seems to be following in her parents’ footsteps as her mom and dad were both medical professionals.

This amazing woman is the very definition of female empowerment, and she’s a role model for aspiring female professionals. Walden has lived and worked in New York City for seven years. She attained her fellowship from the prestigious Manhattan Eye, Ear & Throat Hospital. Aesthetic surgery was her forte, and she has been taught by some of the best individuals in the business. Dr. Sherrell Aston was one of her confidants in which she became a close associate to. She gained plenty of high-quality experience and knowledge while in New York City. These new techniques would go on to make her into a huge success. While working on the Upper East Side of town, Walden was involved in bringing silicone breast implants back to the forefront of the industry. She introduced newer studies on the subject, and she provided plenty of clinical trials.

After the birth of her twin boys, Houston and Rex, Walden decided to move back to her hometown of Austin, Texas. As of today, she has her very own medical practice that’s known as Walden Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Center. Dr. Jennifer Walden has changed the lives of many people, but who knows what she has in store for the future. Follow Instagram

Rocketship Education

There is a lot of talk in the United States about the role of education and how schools around the country should be run. There are many people that believe that schools in the United States should be more like Chato schools in the sight public schools. This allows parents around the country to give their students and Their kids the opportunity to have a good education and to gain life skills that they will need in university and then the work field. One education company called Rocketship Education Believes that every student has the right to a good education and has Many possibilities do very well in school. They believe that every student should have a good classroom with a good teacher and that every student has a very good knowledge amount when they graduate. There are many people in this country that believe that the education system is failing young students and university students that is why this company is very thinking about how they can improve the education system.

Rocketship Education believes that to have a good education the parents of the students must be involved and interact with the teacher There are many studies out there that show that if a parent is involved in the education process that the student has a very good chance of getting good grades in getting into a good university. That is why this company aims to not just on a profit but to also provide a great education for their students into creating a great classroom environment so that the students can lawn and improve the skills. They also believe that too have a wide range of classes so that they can loan a lot about different subjects such as science and math and that they are ready for the future universities and their future jobs.

When it comes to education and everyone knows that it is a very important part of every student life and that they will learn a lot about the world around them and how to do well in university and any job. Rocketship Education is building a school system for the future.


Whitney Wolfe Herd Founder of the Women Centric Dating App, Bumble

Whitney Wolfe Herd is the Chief Executive Officer and founder of Bumble, a women-centric dating app that allows the women to make the first move in the phenomenon called dating. It is a widely known fact that most of the dating app out there has the same fundamental principle, where women more or less, feel like a prey waiting to be hunted. However, at Bumble, the rules are different, and one might even say, classier. The women can check the profiles of the men and one they have liked each other profiles; it is the women who can only message first.The world of dating has moved from being romantic to more casual and sexual oriented where people are looking for sexual encounters rather than dating long-term. Bumble is a combination of both the worlds in the right proportion and men who didn’t like the idea of allowing only women to contact first were easily filtered out.

It helped Bumble to filter out the men who were not good with the idea of a strong woman. Whitney Wolfe Herd said that it was necessary for a dating app to be out there that would give women the full control of their dating life. For many women who are used to other dating apps, it might take some time to get used to this new idea. However, Whitney Wolfe Herd promises it to be a journey worth trying. She has had her share of ups and downs in the world of dating, and it is her experience that she has put into making Bumble, a class-apart dating app.With over 27 million users right now and growing in over ten countries.

Bumble is one of the most talked about dating app right now on the planet. Whitney Wolfe Herd is also the co-founder of another dating app named Tinder, which is a dating giant in the business. However, Bumble has managed to make a niche for itself in the dating world, and its users are more than happy with the features it offers and the selection it showcases. The profiles are much more mature at Bumble, and with new features being added on a regular basis, Whitney Wolfe Herd sure knows how to keep the users engaged. The Bumble app also does moderation on the content being exchanged to ensure there are no cases of abuse. Any violation of the user’s policies are taken seriously, and the member’s profiles may get banned as well. It is such secure environment that Bumble provides that makes women feel at home.

Fabletics Is Shaping The World of Athletic Wear By Beating out Amazon

In an effort to bring more customers over to Fabletics, they have opted to once again stepped up their game. Being at the forefront of virtual showroooms is not just what Fabletics wants to rule. They also want to be able to provide other users the opportunity to try on the clothing line before even purchasing it, which is why they have opted to open 100 actual stores throughout the United States. By opening the stores up, customers will be able to walk into the store and purchase the items that they like. Once they have tried on the clothes and have decided what items they like the most, the workers will then be asking about signing up for the monthly membership.


The brand which is a subsidiary of the “Unicorn” name is a business that brought in over $150 million dollars through the course of 2015, all of that done by their virtual showrooms. The virtual showrooms will be used to create the new stores. The new stores will be a replica of the actual showroom that customers see through the online showroom.


One of the companies that Fabletics has had to come up against is Amazon. For retail customers, they tend to opt to visit virtual showrooms to purchase their items because it is easier to be able to do all your shopping online than it is to visit one store after another. For users who do not have enough time in the day to be able to shop, they must resort to shopping online. These users could be single moms who can’t take their kids into the stores with them or find it too difficult to do, it could be customers who have a fear of trying on new clothes or many other reasons.


For customers who find themselves shopping in virtual showrooms, the one name that they seem to head to the most for their retail items is Amazon. Fabletics however has not allowed for Amazon to be the only provider of the athletic wear that is stylish. Since Fabletics has become a business, they are a name that most people have heard of and who have seen the commercials of. The head promoter of the business is Kate Hudson. Since she has been the leader in the business that has been helping others to switch to this line of athletic wear. A new spokesperson has recently been added, another big name that most people have heard of, Demi Lovato.

Dr. Mark McKenna

Dr. S. Mark McKenna, M.D., MBA received his medical/surgical training at Tulane University Hospital and Clinic, New Orleans and he also graduated from the university. Dr. Mark McKenna started an investment company called McKenna Venture Investments after he had worked with his father who was also a physician. Mark McKenna worked in the real estate business for a few years before he purchased Uptown Title, Inc., and the Universal Mortgage Lending Company. In Louisiana, Dr. Mark McKenna is still registered as a general practitioner with the Louisiana State Board and he is registered with the Florida and Georgia State Board of Medical Examiners.

With Dr. Mark McKenna’s Atlanta, Georgia connections, in 2007, he started a successful healthcare practice called Shape Medical Wellness Center. Shape Medical Wellness Center became a top-quality weight loss and non-surgical health clinic. He kept his involvement in Shape Med for seven years when he sold it to Life Time Fitness Company. Dr. McKenna remained professionally involved with Life Time Fitness for the next two years by accepting a position as its national Medical Director. In 2017, Mark McKenna, M.D. became the founder of Chief Executive Officer of his company called the OVME, LLC., headquartered in Atlanta.

He created OVME because he has always had a profound interest in medical technology breakthroughs and getting those treatments to the public. OVME, LLC grew exponentially as a direct to consumer boutique company that is a mobile healthcare entity which brings together consumers and experienced medical providers for skilled medical care, like minimally invasive cosmetic services. Dr. Mark McKenna also sold this practice.

His reputation as a serial entrepreneur grabbed the attention of a television show about physicians and entrepreneurs. Mark McKenna has been highlighted for his work in the medical and healthcare field. Dr. Mark McKenna has a passion for his Louisiana community. He has served on prestigious community boards like the New Orleans Jazz Festival and the New Orleans Industrial Development Board. He and his family are currently supporting the Make a Wish Foundation and the Entrepreneurs Organization.

Arithmetic Expert

Prof. Michael Thoreau Lacey has led a prominent career as an American mathematician and university professor. He was born on September 26, 1959 in Abilene, Texas and would later graduate from the University of Texas in 1981, receiving his B.S. in Mathematics.

A few years later his received his Ph.D. in Mathematics at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign under the advisory of Prof. Walter Philipp, a well-known Austrian mathematician that dealt with probability theory and number theory.

As soon a Michael Lacey graduated from the University of Illinois, he landed his first position as an assistant professor at the Louisiana State University form 1987 to 1988.

He would transfer under the same position to the University of North Carolina. During that time, Walter Philipp and Lacey provided their absolute proof of the central limit theorem. After moving to work at Indiana University as their assistant professor of mathematics in 1989, he was honored with a National Science Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship. Learn more about Michael Lacey: and

Lacey partnered with mathematician, Christopher Thiele and their joint work helped to solve the bilinear Hilbert transform. The Hilbert transform was a conjecture of Alberto Calderón many years, the duo’s final proof led them to both be awarded with a Prix Salem.

For close to seven years, Lacey continued working at Indiana State until moving to Georgia. He became Georgia Institute of Technology’s associate professor of mathematics in 1996.

He has been respectively honored and showered with many awards during the tenure of his professions including: 2004 Guggenheim Fellowship, 2008 Fulbright Fellowship, 2012 Georgia Tech NSF-ADVANCE Mentoring Award, 2012 Simons Fellow and the 2013 American Mathematical Society Fellow for his outstanding contributions to the world of mathematics.

Prof. Michael Lacey secured his stay at Georgia Tech and he now currently serves as their full professor, he also became their Associate Chair for Faculty in 2017.

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Life Line Screening Detects and Motivates People To Needed Wellness Changes

Lifeline Screening is a company that was started in 1993 with the aim of helping people determine health issues before it is too late to receive effective treatment. Since then, they have expanded to cover all of the continental United States as well as the United Kingdom. There has more recently been expansion into the Australian market as well although the name there is Screen For Life. There have been many clients receiving screening tests and being able to either get a clean bill of health or else find the proper treatment as necessary.

Cardiovascular screening tests are one of the primary options available, and this is great news because of the fact that something like 600K Americans will die each year from cardiovascular disease complications. Blood screenings, electrocardiographs, and ultrasounds are also all part of the services offered and taken up by over 1 million people per year. The reason that these Life Line screenings are helping to save lives and leading to overall better health is due to the fact that statistics now show that something like one-fifth of all of these deaths might have been prevented if the person had only undergone dietary changes or other lifestyle interventions. Knowledge is the key to longevity, and everyone needs to get checked so that they will be able to plan accordingly.

Most people have heard of the cardiovascular disease being termed the silent killer. There are many times no blatant signs of health trouble with it until it is too late. That is why the knowledge that can be obtained from Life Line screening helps to motivate people to make these serious changes in lifestyle even if they had no inspiration beforehand. Also, the company has also been able to influence even those who receive satisfactory results to push for these similar changes in their own lives. This was all confirmed through a recent Life Line screening study that was conducted on a panel that was mostly women over the age of 50. Researchers saw that those who were getting screenings were more likely to do things like exercise or plan their meals better. Also, precisely following doctor’s advice and taking medication as prescribed was more likely in that group as well. It is all quite affordable and quickly effective so that there is no reason not to see what your body may be keeping from you by getting a thorough Life Line Screening.

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End Citizens United’s Predictions For 2018

Have you ever wondered who the next targets in the next elections for “big money funding” are going to be?

If you don’t know what we are talking about, we will take you back to 2010 to understand what made the political debates of the United States full of corrupted schemes and a lack of transparency according to

In 2010, a landmark was approved that was going to change the American political campaigns forever. That landmark was the Citizens United, which was created specifically to promote interactions between voters and their favorite political candidates while also providing ways for them to express their votes… with their money…?

You can see how it starts to look like a terrible idea, but it turned out to be much worse in practice than in paper.

The Citizens United landmark allowed for anyone to fund their political candidates of preference with money, as much money as you see fit, to support their campaigns.

This has happened, for example, in the last presidential debate of Hillary Clinton versus Donald Trump, in which both sides had tyrants, multinational business owners and billionaires funding their campaigns. What is the problem with that?

The United States realized that, because of the amount of money that is poured into their campaigns, the candidates end up owning their supporters something for their “services.”

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The End Citizens United Political Action Committee (PAC) was created specifically for the purpose of trying to break this visions cycle.

Right now, the End Citizens United group has grown so large that they have members and donors scattered around the entire territory of the U.S., with an amount that sums to thousands of people rooting for the end of the corrupted landmark.

The group acts by raising awareness of the problem while also using the broken system of the Citizens United to elect Democrats and candidates that they also know root for the end of this era, and for the landmark to be changed.

By using the funding possibilities that Citizens United allows for, the PAC is now electing as many politicians as possible that are pro-reform, especially Democrats.

The team has also released a list of 20 Republican members that they think will be the next target of the “Big Money problem,” and they called that list the “Big Money 20.” They believe these Democrats will be the targets in 2018.

Inside the list, you can find names like Dean Heller, from Nevada, and even Claudia Tenney, from New York. To learn more about the Big Money 20, visit the group’s official website. They have a lot of information on why they think these names will be present in the big funding of 2018 and how Americans should prepare themselves for the upcoming events of the year.

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Jim Larkin: The Man that Improved the Lives of Irish Workers

His name is Jim Larkin and he is considered a national Irish hero by many people. This man worked hard during the early 20th century to bring about lasting changes to Ireland’s work force. James “Jim” Larkin was born in Ireland in 1876.

The nation had suffered a great potato famine during the middle part of the 19th century. This famine lasted from 1845 – 1849.

The potato famine was so devastating that it left the country crippled in terms population and economic opportunity. Thousands of Irish people had immigrated from the nation to the United States. Those that remained had to etch out a living as best as they could.

By the turn of the century Jim Larkin was working to support his family. His father had died while he was a teen and he had to step up to support his clan.

The working conditions for many Irish people were beyond deplorable. While the potato famine had ended nearly 50 years ago, the country still hadn’t recovered from this epidemic.

Thousands of Irish families lived on farms and some were so poor the only shelter they had were mud huts. Many people had to turn to the workhouse for survival. Workers in the urban areas had to find whatever type of jobs they could find.

It was these conditions that created an environment where workers could easily be exploited. Long hours, short wages and dangerous working conditions were common part of the workforce in early Ireland. Jim Larkin worked for many years within these conditions. He eventually became a foreman despite the harsh circumstances he endured on the job.

Eventually, the workers on the dock where Larkin was employed decided to protest their conditions. This took place in 1906.

Larkin joined in this event and did an outstanding job with getting the workers point across. He lost his position as a foreman but became a labor organizer for the National Union of Dock Labourers or NUDL.

He eventually went on to make himself into one of the best labor organizers in the history of the nation. Jim Larkin’s tactics, his courage and his oratory skills had helped him to improve the lives of millions of Irish workers for well over a century.

Working With The World In Mind

The OSI Group takes the world by storm as it redefines how products will be distributed worldwide. The agency accomplishes this by expanding a global market where it has very few competitors to deal with. The world economy is forming in a way that many specialists are shocked by.

There’s less regulation when operating internationally, and the CEO of the OSI Group looks forward to setting the stage for international manufacturing. The OSI agency, led by CEO Sheldon Lavin, works on a production level that will break the records and rewrite the history books.

The Company Holds To Strong Environmental Awards

The international market is only possible for Sheldon Lavin and the OSI Group because of the agency’s past history. This firm established itself as the leader of meat processing across the United States. Doing so required that the OSI Group live up to a high standard regarding environmental regulation.

The reputation the agency held makes it a leader in environmentally friendly production. This reputation of success across the U.S. nation is the same model that enables OSI to extend well into the international markets. The environment is a huge issue on an international scale, and Sheldon Lavin is a huge advocate.

Recognition In The Work Of Sustainability

The most important aspect to the environmental work of the OSI Group deals with sustainability. There’s one thing to operate without leaving severe damage behind. It’s another thing to operate while also building a better environmental structure around yourself. Businesses who do this enable sustainability.

The meat processing industry must constantly replenish its source of produce. It does so by managing farms, nurturing fields and then offering the best conditions in the upkeep of animals. The global market that the OSI Group enters maintains this process and the OSI group as a “green leader.”

The World Left Behind As A Result

The end result of the OSI Group’s work is an environment where the group can also reproduce from the resources it consumed. The constant production Sheldon is then able to incorporate brings together the complete cycle of productivity. The same area where the agency takes from, it gives back and continues a never-ending cycle.

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