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What Made Sahm Adrangi Quit His Job at Wallstreet

Sahm Adrangi is a founder and Chief Investment Officer at Kerrisdale Capital Management. He has been involved in the company’s development since establishment. In the year 2009. Sahm started out with a capital less than one million. Currently, the entity manages over hundreds of millions as shown in the 2017 financial report.

Adrangi is widely known for selling of published thesis materials and different shorts during his career. Transparent to the public about the stock market on the valuation of shorts that he felt were overhyped as compared to the listings. Sahm Adrangi advises customers on shorts in the market that are regularly misunderstood. His mission is the sensitization of investors publicly.

Kerrisdale Capital Management has held various discussions on misconceptions some companies have on business prospects. Often, much of these reports get published on the organization’s website and its partner including 3rd party websites. At times Such information is made available to clients on company’s Twitter Feeds.

Sahm Adrangi is a graduate of Penn State University in Pennsylvania. Sahm worked this way up and landed an internship in New York at Merrill Lynch where he spent three years trading on stock bonds. Later on, he sharpened his skills and knowledge at Longacre Institution where he took a class about credit trading to test the dealings with hedge funds and how to control and manage the revenue collected.

Sahm Adrangi worked with Paulson and co. Credit Team after the short contract with Longacre. During this time, he gained insight on the management and trading of complex securities. After working with the firm, he got a job at Bowery Investment Management, a limited liability company which needed his skills and expertise.

Sahm in 2015 made a life-changing decision that no one anticipated when he quit his job. The main reason behind making this move was to end his long working hours on wall street. According to Sahm, stock trading is evolving since he became a witness to the assault on the once lucrative industry. Sahm Adrangi still loves investing and doesn’t shy away from talking about the current trends on wall street.

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Scott Rocklage Tips of Starting a Business

There are many individuals who need to begin an organization. Scott Rocklage is the establishing accomplice of 5AM Ventures. This is an organization that works with customers on beginning their own business.

The objective of the organization is to help however many individuals as could be expected under the circumstances with this procedure. With the innovation accessible to the normal individual, it is simpler than any time in recent memory to begin a business. Read more: Scott Racklage | Crunchbase

Scott Rocklage has a long reputation of achievement in business. With the greater part of the progressions that are going on in the business, many individuals are prepared to end their life to another level. By and large, beginning an organization while working a side employment is an incredible approach to begin.

Beginning in Business

Scott Rocklage has buckled down his whole vocation in business. When he initially began in his vocation, he landed the primary position he could discover working for a noteworthy organization. He rapidly discovered that he would not like to work for a major organization. Rather, he needed to concentrate in on independent companies.

Following quite a long while of getting quality experience, Scott Rocklage chose to begin his own particular organization. In spite of the fact that his initially organization would in the end leave business, he took in a considerable measure of incredible lessons amid this time. He now utilizes those lessons to help other people who have similar objectives in life.

Business Tips

Scott Rocklage prescribes that individuals begin off little in business. The best entrepreneurs are the individuals who can act rapidly to changing economic situations. Scott Rocklage trusts that anybody can prevail with their business dreams in the event that they will buckle sufficiently down.

It’s definitely not hard to acknowledge that Scott Rocklage must contribute most of his vitality working. Everything considered, he is on the sheets of various affiliations straight up ’til the present time, and he continues filling in as a regulating accessory of 5AM Ventures.

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Success journey of the president of the OSI group David McDonald

David McDonald hometown was in northwest Lowa, where he was born and raised. In 1987 he attended the Lowa State University, and he attained an outstanding senior award, and at the same time, he got the bachelor’s degree in animal science. After he graduated, that’s when he started David McDonald’s career journey with the OSI industry in Chicago. He worked very hard so that to attain the president and the CEO of the company but before that, he was the project manager and among many other positions. In any position that he was given, he did his best that’s why he ended up being the president of the company. Also, David was the SEO of the OSI group in one of the operations in Australia.

While still being the president of the group of OSI industries he was in a position to improve the sustainability of the group. One thing that he coordinated that has proved to be very helpful was the coordination of the local operations and the global team. The main aim of this was so that the team would have an idea of the global trends and at the same time, they would still be meeting the needs of the local market. David believed that with the coordination of the two then the OSI groups will work significantly in their favor. The strategy that was set in was that they would be launching new operations and acquisitions.

David McDonald said that in August 2016 the OSI group had to acquire the Boha food this was still a strategy that they were using so that to grow in Europe. It has since shown that the acquisition was just a good deal because Baho’s product in some way it did complement the OSI’s products, then this would then make them increase the demand the product was getting in the market. There are so many investment opportunities that David McDonald took advantage off over the year.

The success of the OSI group is due to the intelligence that David Macdonald has in foreseeing and the rest of team executing each plan. The success has been seen year after year, and it will continue due to the great leadership that the group has. David is also a member of some of the food processing companies like the North American Meat Institute. He donates to the Lowa state universities and participates in so many of their activities.

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The Outstanding Career of Whitney Wolfe

Whitney Wolfe works at Bumble as the Chief Executive Officer and also serves as the company’s founder. Bumble is a dating application that has been designed for women to look for love. The career of Whitney has been created through helping her fellow women in finding love. Recently, Whitney Wolfe came into the limelight when she tied the knot with the love of her life. She married a tech guru who is a Texas oil heir known as Michael Herd. The marriage ceremony of Whitney and Michael was held at the Villa Treville, Positano which is located near the Amalfi Coast, Italy. Whitney Wolfe looked stunning with her wedding gown which was designed by Oscar De La Renta. Guests who attended the marriage ceremony were able to see the clear view of the candle-lit Italian coast.

The career journey of Whitney Wolfe in the dating app industry started in 2012 after she co-founded Tinder which is now her competitor dating application. She worked at Tinder for a short time and then made a decision to start her own dating app which will assist women in finding love. According to Whitney Wolfe, women can achieve a lot of control when dating online and also have confidence when making the first move. Since the dating app was started in 2014, it has been able to register massive success and expansion, thanks to the hard work and exemplary efforts by Whitney Wolfe. Through Bumble, women are able to initiate conversations with the matches that they find online. Whitney Wolfe has made many contributions to the dating app industry and has therefore accumulated lots of skills and experience.

Whitney Wolfe was in 2016 listed by Elle as one of the Women in Tech. She was also awarded by the Business Insider with the 30 Most Important Women Under 30. Whitney Wolfe is an American entrepreneur who has been serving as a role model to numerous women from all parts of the word. Whitney has been in the forefront when it comes to empowering women and connecting people and their matches online. She believes that women can find love anywhere in the world through the strength of online dating. Bumble currently has more than 18 million users, who are registered, a huge growth when compared to its competitors. Bumble also has new ventures which include BumbleBizz and Bumble BFF which people can use in finding friends.


Betsy DeVos; Passionate about Quality Improved Education

Betsy DeVos was confronted with praise from his supporters and controversies from her opposers after being called to the position of the Secretary of Education of the United States. However, according to my research, Betsy DeVos has involved and given herself to the support of education. She is passionate about fighting for the right education and education reforms. She is a known leader in the choice movement. She has fought for education reforms not only politically, but she has also given them the philanthropic uplift and developing grassroots educational organizations in her adult life.

Betsy DeVos was introduced to the school choice concept at a young age by her parents who were a high school teacher. She later in her college life dug deep into the issue. She played a major role in the forefront of the public school sector. Moreover, she entered into the world of Michigan Politics in the Republican Party. She began performing her philanthropies activities through charitable organizations and non-profit organization.

Betsy DeVos worked earlier as the chairman of the philanthropy roundtable. The Philanthropy Roundtable deals with the education of the legislators on philanthropy and also promotes philanthropy. She used her position to encourage the support of education in most needy areas that include the school choice and vouchers. Betsy DeVos succeeded in her school choice when she served on two nonprofit education organizations. They were dealing in providing scholarships to the low-income families. Once the school choice program failed, but she shifted and fought to the national level and found help from other non-profit organizations in the fight. Ache included her political and philanthropic activities in her fight to create awareness of the school choice.

In my view, Betsy DeVos is a tireless all-round worker in matters regarding charity. She offers not only financial giving or working through non-profit organizations, but she is also a mentor at the Grand Rapids public schools. The philanthropic activities that she is devoted to are a picture of who the DeVos family is. They appeared as the twenty-fourth top givers in the Forbes Listings in the year 2015. The family had donated an amount equal to 11.6 million dollars in that year. Many students have benefited from the donations, and many of the people are now aware of the school choice. She is now the newly appointed Secretary of Education, and it is in no doubt that her previous picture is a painting of what Betsy DeVos will achieve the position.


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Equities First Holdings Wikipedia

Equity Group Holdings Limited is a financial based institution that was started in Kenya, but now has locations all throughout Africa including Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, South Sudan, Rwanda, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo as well.

Equity Group Holdings Limited does big business in the financial world with assets that exceed 3.8 billion USD with an estimated shareholders’ sum of more than 624.8 million USD as of 2015.

The company was awarded the Euromoney award of Excellence in 2008 as the best bank in Kenya. Also the bank was named the superior financial institution in all of Kenya at the Renaissance Capital Bank Awards, which was in August of that same year. The company was also noted to be the only bank in that area that returned positive shareholder value in 2008.,-LLC-1

Paul Mampilly On His Best Investment Secrets For Success

Profits unlimited is an exciting and educative industry newsletter from Paul Mampilly, a retired hedge fund manager. The newsletter has over 60,000 subscribers. Mampilly continues to write the eight-page newsletter due to its popularity and public demand. He highlights a particular investment and explains why it’s good.

Profits Unlimited has been in circulation for only one year. Banyan Hill Publishing publishes the popular newsletter that has seen its subscribers rise steadily throughout the year. Mampilly picks, at most, two stocks from a recommended portfolio and makes weekly updates. So far, 85% of the stocks he picks remain profitable. One even increased in value by more than 150 percent.

Reason Behind Profits Unlimited’s Success

Mampilly’s advice is a proven recipe for success, a factor that has made his newsletter so successful. He won the esteemed 2009 investment competition organized by Templeton Foundation after an $88 million yield from a $50 million investment. Moreover, the 75 percent gain came during the 2008/2009 recession that hit America hard.

His impressive investment captured many people’s attention from industry experts to aspiring investors. His newsletter is also successful because it contains detailed and useful information on investing. Paul Mampilly writes in an easy-to-understand language, which makes his passion rub off on readers.

One thing that stands out about Mampilly’s newsletter is the fact that he chooses to empower his readers instead of doing everything for them. He teaches them how to trade stocks, open and manage their brokerage accounts, update their portfolios, as well as track relevant information. Newsletter subscribers can trade using their computers, tablets, or phones. They also receive monthly briefings and updates on new stocks and are served by customer service agents.

Critical Example of How Profits Unlimited Is Beneficial

True to his nature, Mampilly recently posted excellent examples of how subscribers can benefit from his investment strategies. Apart from becoming members of his inner circle, Mampilly can advise you on various pitfalls to avoid. Upon discovering that Sarepta Therapeutics was producing a pharmaceutical therapy for muscular dystrophy, Mampilly deemed it necessary to invest on the high wave. A few months later, the investment proved to be lucrative and earned him immense profits.

Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly is an Indian native who migrated to the US when he was young. He is a successful financial expert and investor with two decades of experience in Wall Street. He started his career at Deutsche Bank in 1991. He has also worked at the Royal Bank of Scotland and Kinetics International Fund. He retired aged 42 but remains involved in Profits Unlimited.

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Why People Are Turning Away From Amazon To Get Their Clothes From Fabletics

Fabletics has seen a growth rate of over two hundred percent in the few years since they started. They have amassed over one million active paying members, and they have grown into a business that is worth two hundred and fifty million dollars. People have been wondering what caused them success, and who was behind it.


The truth is that their reverse showroom engineering technique has a lot to do with their amazing success. Showrooming is when someone checks something out at a physical store but then goes ahead and purchases it online for a cheaper price. It is killing many physical businesses. However, Fabletics is doing something much smarter. They are setting up physical stores, but they also have an online membership. The result is that many people who enter their physical stores are already active Fabletics members. Many other people sign up to become members when they come into the store for the first time. Not only can they try out things they saw online, but whatever they try out in the store gets added to their online shopping cart.


The truth is that because so many people who shop in their physical stores are also online members, Fabletics is able to know what exactly their customers want. They can look at what online customers are buying and then making sure that the stores are stocked with those items. They can also look at what people are buying in the stores and then include these items in their online catalog. This is a major part of the appeal of Fabletics, as it is able to provide a customer experience that is personalized and unique.


Kate Hudson is the one behind the transformation of Fabletics from a just launched company to a successful empire. She has been with them since the beginning. She knew that in order to satisfy and gain customers, you have to have a superb customer experience. You also need open communication with your customers. That is truly where Fabletics excels, and it is a reason why people are turning away from places like Amazon and getting their clothes from Fabletics. Kate Hudson is a famous actress and has starred in many films, including Almost Famous. With her help, Fabletics gained a top rating with the BBB. She has not only been a great spokesperson for Fabletics, but she has been involved with their top decisions, including marketing and branding.

Getting Ready For Your Lifeline Screening

Lifeline Screening is a company that provides health screenings and tests in order to help people take charge of their health before medical conditions and diseases get out of hand. People just don’t see their doctors in these times like they used to. Perhaps they are too busy, don’t care, or they feel that they cannot afford it.

This is not a wise course of action either because most of the more serious medical conditions and ailments don’t really show tell-tale symptoms in their beginning stages. Common sense tells us that if the disease is discovered and taken care of when it is in the early stages, there is a much better chance of getting cured of the condition.

Lifeline Screening uses ultrasound, finger-stick blood tests, EKGs and other simple testing and screening procedures to help patients find problems that they may not know or be aware that they have. Once discovered, then the information is made available to the patient’s doctor for further review and possible treatment if the situation calls for it.

For example, ultrasound can detect the blood moving in a person’s arteries and that can help to discover possible blockages. Blood tests help to diagnose cholesterol levels in the blood, the high and low cholesterol along with triglyceride levels. Ultrasound can detect the bone density of an individual and detect osteoporosis early on. EKG’s can detect heart rhythm which helps to learn if a person has an irregular heartbeat.

When you make your appointment with Lifeline Screening, the receptionist will give you some instructions on how to dress. Women should wear a loosely fitted blouse or top with slacks. A man should wear comfortable trousers and a sports shirt. Patients will be asked to lift their top garment up in case of an ultrasound or an EKG. At no time will a patient be asked to disrobe. For more  info about us: click here.

Patients may be asked to fast for a six to twelve hour period before their testing if they are having blood drawn.

The tests and screenings are the same ones that are given in hospitals and medical testing facilities. Lifeline Screening procedures are well organized so that you will not have to spend more than an hour or two, depending on the number of tests and their duration.

The New OCC’s Recycling Center to Impact the Economy of Costa Mesa According to Mayor Foley

Orange Coast College (OCC) prides itself on exceptional facilities and the latest in technology; true to its word, the college’s activities are tailored to achieving a modern campus. On Thursday, OCC commissioned an up-to-the-minute recycling center. The new center is a replacement of the 45-year-old one which was becoming less useful with the increase in the number of people who want to access recycling services. Learn more:

The modern recycling center was opened in the presence of Costa Mesa’s mayor; Katrina Foley, OCC president; Dennis Harkins, environmental and sustainability coordinator; Michael “Recycle” Carey, and other distinguished guests. Foley expects that the facility will contribute to the economy of Costa Mesa. Harkins believes that the new center is a sign of the college’s commitment to keeping the region clean. According to Carey, the new facility was too good to be true.

The expanded recycling center has been in construction for 16 months and cost the college over $7.5 million. However, the facelifted recycling center is worth every penny. The difference in space between the old and new facility is easily noticeable; while the old facility was located in less than an acre piece of land, the new recycling center sits on an expansive land with an ample parking room for cars. Students who form a large percentage of the workers in the facility now have a chance to shower after work. In case of any minor accidents in the center, victims can be attended to in the new center’s first aid room. Also, the new center accepts varied recyclable materials. The new amenities available in the new center surpass the primary goal of a recycling center.

Many well-wishers contributed towards the new recycling center. Measure M, Coast Community College District bond, and CR&R Environmental Services provided generously. The new classes present in the modern recycling center have been named after CR&R’s founder and CEO, Cliff Ronnenberg and his spouse Janet.

The new recycling center is a step towards the college’s Vision 2020. Other facilities that are part of the Vision 2020 are a modern planetarium and new hostels for students. The college admits over 25,000 students each semester. Learn more: